We all recognize that decisions concerning Maine’s wildlife are in the hands of a few.

Portland Press Herald Maine Voices: Elephants won’t forget that a long crusade on their behalf began here
Maine House was the nation’s first to oppose a barbaric and outdated circus practice.

MFOA Testimony in Favor of Order 267-16/17
Amendment to Portland City Code Chapter 5 Animals & Fowl 
Re: Prohibition on Display of Wild and Exotic Animals
Portland City Council
September 18, 2017

MFOA Testimony Against Proposed Extension to Beaver Trapping and Bobcat Hunting Seasons


YouTube video of elephant ban TV news reports from WSCH TV 6 and WGME TV 8, Portland, ME 

MFOA Testimony on Proposed Rule Changes Impacting Captive Wildlife


Animal Protection Measures Have Fallen Victim to an Unholy Alliance, 9/20/14 - Portland Press Herald

Bears Are Gentle, Elusive. Claims That They Will Attack Mainers is Unsupported, 10/14/14 - Bangor Daily News

MFOA Testimony in Favor of LD 396 “An Act to Prohibit the Use of Elephants in Traveling Animal Acts”


15 years and still fighting cruel coyote legislation                                            
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