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This year’s annual ‘issue’ appeal to our membership will be a little different. Due to the present political climate in Augusta, MFOA did not submit any animal welfare legislation for the first time in 20 years. In recent sessions, we sponsored a bill to make possession of animals after being convicted of animal cruelty conviction a felony offense, as well as the “puppy mill bill” which would have banned the sale of dogs and cats in Maine pet stores. The legislature passed both bills, only to have the Governor veto them.  Additionally, our bill to ban horse slaughter in Maine and transportation of horses through Maine to gruesome slaughter plants in Quebec failed in conference committee, after passing in the House, due to the same administration’s threat of a veto.

Given the time, money and effort that often accompanies such legislative initiatives, we have opted to wait and submit bills to the next legislature, which will be under a new administration. As promised our members, we plan to re-visit the above-mentioned issues in the 129th Legislature . 

During this last year of the LePage administration, we are using our time to organize not only for revising and re-introducing these three bills, but also to consider new legislation to address the imbalance in the membership of the State Wildlife Advisory Council, to allow court-appointed advocates to represent animals in cruelty and abuse cases, and to revamp the existing dangerous dog law. 

Additionally, we are considering submission of legislation to ban canned / trophy hunting in Maine, a wildlife issue with which MFOA has had a long history. This “hunting” practice of killing non-native wildlife while in enclosed acreage remains in Maine, and it’s time to end a very inhumane practice used mostly by unskilled out-of-state trophy hunters aided by the often “no kill, no bill” policy that makes a mockery of Maine hunting traditions. 

What does this all mean? It means that while we use this next year to consider options, we have a lot of work to do to prepare for a productive and successful 129th Legislature. With a new administration, we will be ready to bring animal protection legislation back into mainstream thinking. After 20 years, we know the level of our success is also tied to the funding we receive from you, our faithful members and supporters all over the state. 

Please donate today! Every dollar you contribute to MFOA will go directly into animal protection legislation efforts. How? Staff time in researching and drafting legislation, opposition research, organizing endorsements and testimony, creating educational and legislative information, identifying and working with animal-friendly legislators, member engagement, media events, lobbying the legislature and administration, etc.  It is quite simple: the level of member support will be instrumental in how much be can tackle and how well we can advance these important pieces of animal protection legislation.

You can help make a difference! Donate whatever you can, but show your support for a more humane Maine. 

Remember, that in 2013 and 2015 three pieces of significant legislation very likely would have passed with a different administration. With your continued backing, we can see these bills to successful implementation.  

We can only continue to be the state’s leading voice for animals with your support, which is so vital to our mission. Just mail your contribution to MFOA, 190 US Route 1, Falmouth, ME or online at www.mfoa.net/membership_donations.html. Thank you — your support means a lot. 

For the animals, 

Robert Fisk, Jr.

President & Director 


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