MFOA to hire Executive Director

Executive Director Job Description 

Maine Friends of Animals (MFOA) will begin its 25th year of operation in January,  continuing its dedicated commitment to advocate and protect Maine’s animal life. A commitment that has made it the state’s leading animal protection organization. Its mission is to promote the humane treatment of animals through education, advocacy and legislation that highlights and brings attention to animal protection issues. In conjunction with varied plans of action, we constantly strive to make changes in how Maine views and treats other species.

MFOA successfully passed four bills in the last two legislatures, most recently a pet custody law. As a result, the preeminent national animal law organization, Animal Legal Defense Fund, in 2020 ranked Maine #1 in the nation for its animal welfare laws.

Given its long history of advocacy and legislation MFOA is experienced, organized, battle-tested and respected by Maine animal advocates, the media and the legislature. Although never easy, we tirelessly try to bring animal welfare into mainstream thinking. MFOA is committed to our mission, as well as our motto: Speak up for Animals. Silence is the voice of complicity.” 

After many years of active and successful leadership by the founder and its Board, the organization is prepared to hire its first paid Executive Director. This decision is a significant opportunity for the selected individual to take a successful and established non-profit to the next level. 

The Executive Director shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation. 

Although they may change somewhat from time to time, the major day to day responsibilities of the Executive Director will be:

  • Implement the corporation’s mission, objectives and tenets, code of behavior (and directives in the Robert Fisk, Jr. Endowment Fund).
  • Provide organizational leadership and develop operational policies in  transitioning the corporation from a board driven to a staff driven model.  
  • Meet monthly with the Board President to discuss organizational matters and develop board meeting agendas; serve as ex-officio member of the Board.
  • Administer and provide operational oversight of the organization, offices and staff, including current part-time Office Manager. 
  • Oversee fundraising strategy, development, implementation and management; develop a comprehensive plan to increase financial resources and capacities in accordance to achieving short- and long-term  funding goals.
  • Create, implement, manage, and access a donor relations plan that will assist to identify, cultivate, solicit, and expand the number of new donors; articulate corporate mission to donors in a way that both educates and compels them to give.
  • Build upon MFOA’s history and success to increase its visibility, impact, reputation and corporate value to the community with increased attention to marketing. 
  • Learn and understand the Legislative Committee role and work with the members of that standing committee in developing and executing MFOA’s  legislative agenda.
  • Develop public relations strategy and media contacts; maintain media list. 
  • Facilitate and develop current and new programs promoting humane education while building community goodwill of the organization.  
  • Act as corporation spokesperson unless otherwise delegated or the ⅔ vote of the Board; provide information to the public about the corporation, including its mission, objectives and agenda; suggest website content updates to webmaster, the Board President; be a MFOA goodwill Ambassador. 
  • Serve as the primary contact / liaison to other animal associations,  organizations, state agencies and political supporters unless otherwise delegated; seek collaborative strategies and partnerships. 
  • At the annual meeting, with the President’s consultation, provide the Board a plan of action for the next year in conjunction with the on-going corporate strategic plan; provide an annual budget for Board approval.
  • Oversee and manage all fiduciary responsibilities of the organization and provide monthly financial reports to the Board.  
  • Be knowledgeable and prudent in compliance with non-profit principles  and practices.
  • Organize the selection and implementation plan for the annual Robert Fisk, Jr.  Scholarship.  


Candidate Qualifications 

Previous success in fundraising and capital campaigns

Marketing experience 

Demonstrated effective organizational and project management skills 

Strong written and oral communications skills

Flexibility and capacity to find creative solutions to challenges and opportunities 

Professional background and skill sets related to board needs 

Self-starter with the willingness to take initiative

Networking connections, particularly with large donors 

Demonstrated success in membership and volunteer programming

Strong technical and computer skills

Animal Protection involvement and activism in MFOA, animal protection or like causes

Interpersonal skills, compatibility, ability and desire to work with others

Salary: Commensurate with experience: $60,000-$65,000

            Health insurance, paid vacations and holidays 

Location: Falmouth, ME

Start Date: Flexible 

Application: Please email a resume and cover letter describing your interest in the position and how your background and skill set make you qualified to achieve success in this position.     Submit to: 

Application deadline: Vacant until filled









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