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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Buy a Holiday Wreath -- Help Maine Friends of Animals

 worcester wreath fundraiser

Maine Friends of Animals is honored to partner with Maine's Worcester Wreath Company this holiday season!

Do some holiday shopping online for yourself or loved ones and support our ongoing efforts on behalf of Maine's animals!

How it works

  1. Visit www.worcesterwreath.com
  2. Shop for beautiful, Maine-made wreaths & holiday decor
  3. IMPORTANT: on check out enter "MFA" into the COUPON CODE box 
  4. You receive 10% off your order
  5. We receive 25% of the sale!

Beautiful products made by a local Maine company in support of a local non-profit helping animals. 

Such an easy way to help!  It is a win, win for everyone,

Start shopping today
- and remember to enter "MFA" into the COUPON CODE box when you are checking out.



Are you a MFOA member?

MFOA is currently 1,500+/- members strong but our goal for 2016 is to increase our membership to 2,000 animal advocates!


The more members we have, the more voices we have speaking up for Maine's animals.

Please join MFOA today and ask your animal-loving friends and family members to do the same.!

Your membership fee ($15.00 a year) and donations are essential in the continuing effort to get our message out to as many people as possible. We all know that with education we can win the war against those who consider animal welfare unimportant. 

Please support our tireless efforts on behalf of Maine's animals by becoming a member TODAY !




Welcome to MFOA Online

Maine Friends of Animals (MFOA) is Maine’s largest animal protection organization. We promote the humane treatment of animals through education, advocacy and legislation.

MFOA was founded in 1997 by former legislator and longtime animal protection advocate Robert Fisk, Jr., when he found in the legislature that animal protection had no real voice in Maine. There was little or no organized effort or effective structure in which animal issues could be advanced. The fundamental initial goals of MFOA were to effectively engage the legislative process and to set up a statewide organization as a foundation to increase public awareness pertaining to animal protection issues.

Today, MFOA has an active seven-member board working together with Maine animal advocates to move animal protection issues to the forefront in the legislature and with the public in general. 

A statewide structure has provided MFOA with the ability to organize and develop separate two-year campaigns to increase the penalties for animal cruelty; to revamp the state Animal Welfare Program, to ban circus elephants in the state, to end coyote snaring, the 2004 bear referendum to end the hunting of Maine black bears with the use of bait, hounds and traps, our ongoing “Dogs Chained for Life” campaign (view the Dogs Chained for Life PSA ), and to eliminate canned hunting in Maine, and most recently to end the transport of horses in Maine for slaughter.

MFOA is also an education and resource center. The offices in Falmouth are home to animal protection articles, files, magazines, legislative history, books, videos, DVDs and various resources. MFOA can assist members who might like to learn more about the issues, or to set up a table/booth at a local school, community event, county fair, conference, political event, etc. MFOA’s Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator and office staff can assist members in outreach education either at our office or in your community. Education leads to advocacy that leads to public awareness that leads to successful legislation, all helping the advancement of animal protection.

Maine Friends of Animals has done much over the past 15 years, but there is still much more to do for Maine’s companion, farm and wildlife animals. We are a broad-based organization that welcomes conservative (animal welfare), moderate (animal protection) and liberal (animal rights) advocates. The more individuals who engage in the animal protection movement, at any level, and the more organized we are in working together, the more we will be able to accomplish as we continue to strive to become a more humane state for animals.

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