25 Ways One Person Can Make a Difference

Have you wanted to volunteer some time to help animals, but not sure how? Here is 25 ways you can make a difference in the lives of Maine animals. 


1.  Know who your local animal control officer is and let him/her be the eyes and ears for you on animal issues in your community. Request that your town support your ACO by providing the resources he/she needs to enforce the animal welfare laws.

2.  Volunteer at your local animal shelter

3.  Write letters to your State Representative and Senator asking them to support animal protection legislation

4.  Become a member of MFOA

5.  Use the tax return check-off to support the state spay / neuter program

6.  Write a letter to the editor in your local daily and weekly newspaper

7.  Set up an MFOA informational table / booth in your community at a local function, event or fair

8.  Volunteer time at the MFOA office

9.   Report a “dog chained for life” to the town ACO and to MFOA for follow-up action

10.  Live and shop with compassion; teach others empathy for animals 

11.  Report animal cruelty to ACO, the state Animal Welfare Program and MFOA; take photos and dates

12.  Know your animal protection adversaries and what they are doing 

13.  Donate financially to MFOA 

14.  Educate yourself on the issues (see MFOA.net website) 

15.  Help recruit your local lodging establishments to join the MFOA Pet-Friendly Hotel Certification Program 

16.  Become part of our online community and receive MFOA Action Alerts and Updates.

17.  Follow MFOA on Facebook and pass the word

18.  Join MFOA for periodic demonstrations or rallies in Maine

19.  Feed a feral cat / make a feral cat shelter

20.  Work to help elect an animal-friendly legislator

21.  Make your property wildlife friendly (see MFOA’s Living with Wildlife Series)

22.  Adopt a pet from your local shelter, advise others not to buy from kennels, pet stores and ‘backyard breeders’

23.  Become a vegetarian 

24.  Host a MFOA fundraising party and/or find a large donor who has animal empathy

25. Keep informed and visit new MFOA website often


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