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Animal welfare issues and legislation are certainly not a priority at the state capital. Assuring they are heard and passed takes the right confluence of planning, circumstances, politics, and people, the latter being the most important, and why we take great consideration in who will sponsor and co-sponsor MFOA legislation. In addition to being “the face” of the bill, the lead sponsor in the House and Senate play an important role.

While some sponsors introduce the bill at a hearing and do little else, the opposite is a legislator who eagerly embraces the issue, has an innate humane side, is respected by other legislators, provides testimony, promotes the bill in caucus and with fellow legislators, and speaks on the floor for the bill. Every once in a while, Maine animals get someone who strongly and genuinely has their interest at heart. In addition to seeing the legislation through the process, the legislator’s active support also assists MFOA in generating enthusiasm with supporters about the bill and its chances of passage.

We would like to honor five such individuals who have been instrumental in recent years advancing animal protection legislation. There is not enough space
to list the many specific ways and bills impacted, but we can be proud that Maine is a more humane state because of these individual legislators.

Sen. Donna Bailey (Saco) D           (H) 2016-2020 (S) 2021-

Sen. Ben Chipman (Portland)  I / D (H) 2011-2016 (S) 2017-

Sen. Mike Carpenter (Houlton) D     (S) 1977-1986, 2015-2020

Sen. Stan Gerzofsky (Brunswick) D. (H) 2001-2008, (S) 2009-2018

Rep. Gary Knight (Livermore Falls) R (H) 2004-2014



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