LD 1068 “An Act To Ban the Killing of Animals in an Enclosed Area”  



The 128th Legislature was relatively quiet, due in part to the current political climate in Augusta. Legislative engagement was often speaking in opposition to bills that would have a negative impact on Maine’s animals.

August 25, 2022                                              


Dear State Legislative Candidate:

This legislative session MFOA sponsored LR 674 (HP 1134), a Joint Resolution calling on the Canadian Government to end their sanctioning of the annual seal pup slaughter.

125th Legislative Session  - MFOA Sponsored Bills

MFOA’s legislative questionnaire sent to 2010 Maine House and Senate candidates.  We will publish the list of “Animal Friendly” candidates once the completed surveys have been returned. 

Dear Legislative Candidate:

Bills affecting animals in the 123rd Legislative Session


Maine Animal Protection Legislation for the 122nd Legislative Session


L.D. 137 “An Act to Prohibit a landowner from Charging a Fee for Bear Baiting”

L.D. 178 “An Act to Support Animal Welfare”

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