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These latest wins create an exciting legislative trifecta for the 129th session where three out of four of MFOA’s bills have passed into law!  


Sponsor: Rep. Dale Denno, Cumberland, District 45 (deceased April 15, 2019) Sponsor Rep. Donna Bailey, Saco, District 14 

“An Act to Provide for Court Appointed Advocates for Justice in Animal Cruelty Cases” (Franky’s Law)


Watch MFOA YouTube video and PSA on Dogs Chained for Life (DCFL)

What you should do if you see a DCFL in Maine

Successful Maine Friends of Animals legislation for over two decades protecting companion animals, particularly dogs          



1998:  Lobbied for legislation to prohibit the pari-mutual simulcast wagering of greyhound racing in Maine 

MFOA Testimony in Opposition to L.D. 858 “An Act To Strengthen the Law Regarding Dangerous Dogs”


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