Augusta Watch 2007

Maine Animal Protection Legislation for the 122nd Legislative Session


L.D. 137 “An Act to Prohibit a landowner from Charging a Fee for Bear Baiting”

L.D. 178 “An Act to Support Animal Welfare”

Summary: This bill requires that the registration fees to distribute commercial feed be deposited entirely in the Animal Welfare Fund. Presently, only ½of the fees are dedicated to the program. Some of the extra fees would go toward the new state spay/neuter program.

L.D. 204 “An Act to Protect Dogs that are Left Outside” 

Summary: This bill amends the type of shelter that must be available for a dog to protect it from inclement weather. The bill also establishes requirements for the type of device that confines the animal. Bill needs to be amended to include the original intention of requiring a chained/tethered dog to be removed from the chain or tether for a period of at least one hour each day.

L.D. 543 “An Act to Prohibit an Insurer from Canceling an Insurance Policy due to Ownership of Certain Breeds of Dog.”

L.D. 599 “An Act to Protect Household Pets and Other Small Animals from Poisoning”

Summary: To reduce the risk of poisoning of household pets and other small animals, this bill requires that engine coolant or antifreeze that contains more than 10% ethylene glycol or propylene glycol must include an aversive agent that makes it taste bitter so that it is rendered unpalatable.

L.D. 628 “An Act to Amend the Bear Hunting Laws” 

Summary: Bill prohibits the hunting of bears with dogs.

L.D. 1370 “An Act to Change the Membership of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council”

Summary: This bill would revise the make-up and duties of the Wildlife Advisory Council to reflect a more diverse group of wildlife interests and expand the duties in advising the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

L.D. 1460 “An Act to Ban Hunting with Traps except to Protect the Public”

MFOA is sponsoring a bill to ban bear trapping; however, there were also five other bills to ban bear trapping and it appears those bills will be consolidated into one bill.

L.D 1473 “An Act to Strengthen the Animal Welfare Laws”

The Animal Welfare Program and Animal Welfare Advisory Council has submitted a multi-faceted bill that includes, among other things, allowing an ACO to issue a summons for failure to obtain a rabies vaccination; adds new statute making abandoning of an animal a criminal violation; changes the definition of a breeding kennel.



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