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Maine Friends of Animals call to action

 25 Ways One Person Can Make a Difference for Animals in Maine


  1. Know who your local animal control officer is and let him/her be the eyes and ears for you on animal cruelty cases and animal issues in your community. Support your ACO by requesting your town provide him/her resources and support to do their job properly. 
  2. Educate yourself on the issues (see website) 
  3. Write a letter to your State Representative and Senator asking them to support certain animal protection legislation
  4. Report a “dog chained for life” to the town ACO and to MFOA for follow-up action 
  5. Be an MFOA volunteer 
  6. Use the tax return check-off to support the state spay / neuter program 
  7. Set up an MFOA informational table / booth at a local function, fair, or event 
  8. Feed a feral cat / make a feral cat shelter / assist with TNR programs
  9. Live and shop with compassion; teach others empathy for animals 
  10. Report wildlife violations / cruelty to the Department of Inland, Fisheries and Wildlife and MFOA
  11. Write a letter to the editor in your local daily and weekly newspaper
  12. Foster a companion animal 
  13. Report animal cruelty to ACO, the state Animal Welfare Program and MFOA;      take photos and dates
  14. Know your animal protection adversaries and what they are doing 
  15. Become a MFOA member with a donation 
  16. Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  17. Plant the seeds (educate) with others in thinking differently in how we view, treat and think about other species 
  18. Find a Maine wildlife rehabilitator for an injured wild animal
  19. Become part of our online community, receive MFOA Action Alert / Updates
  20. Run for public office and serve as a state legislator; or as an individual, work to help elect an animal-friendly legislator
  21. Become a vegetarian or vegan
  22. Support the Endangered Species Act at local, state and federal levels
  23. Make your property wildlife friendly (see MFOA’s Living with Wildlife Series)
  24. Adopt a pet from your local shelter, and encourage others not to buy from kennels, pet stores and ‘backyard breeders’
  25. Sponsor a MFOA fundraiser and/or find an animal-friendly large donor


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