MFOA Joins a National State Based Animal Protection Organization

Coalition of State Animal Advocacy Organizations (CSAAO) is Formed 


In 2017, MFOA became part of a loose network of state animal protection organizations in the northeast (see article below), but the group network never really found traction. Last year, MFOA was approached by a primarily mid- western group of state animal protection organizations to discuss the development of an association of like-minded states. MFOA then invited the original northeastern group to participate, and a formally signed Memorandum of Understanding for a new coalition was signed. The new group is known as the Coalition of State Animals Advocacy Organizations. Currently there are 20 states in the association. In order to maximize their ability to achieve their individual and shared goals, the parties agree that it would be of mutual benefit for the CSAAO to provide networking opportunities to further common goals and to maximize their efforts to improve animal welfare in their home states. MFOA’s Robert Fisk, Jr. serves on the Steering Committee.


Northeast State-based Organizations Meet in Hartford, CT (11/18)


The first regional meeting of New England, NY and NJ state-based humane advocacy organizations was held October 26, 2018 at the state capitol in Hartford, Connecticut. It was organized by Connecticut Vote for Animals. Maine Friends of Animals represented Maine as MFOA Executive Director Robert Fisk, Jr. and Board member Bonnie Martinolich attended the day long meeting. Attendees shared experiences as state-based animal protection organizations. The agenda included organizational challenges, legislative successes and failures, political experiences, fundraising, difficulties working with some national organizations, and our proposed legislation for 2019.


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