MFOA Partners With Center for Wildlife

For over 30 years, Cape Neddick’s Center for Wildlife has provided medical care, safe sanctuary and humane treatment for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife until they can be released back into the wild. The Center receives 3,000 animals annually from all over New England and also provides educational outreach programs about wildlife and their environments. 

MFOA has spent 20 years serving as a voice for the humane treatment of Maine’s companion animals and wildlife. These two organizations are now partnering to enhance and continue their dovetailing missions to safeguard animals with the least protection. 

To that end, we start our association with the Center for Wildlife by asking all our MFOA members and supporters to look at the Center’s “Wish List” below and see if you have any of the items that can help the Center with defray associated costs by purchasing some of these products. You may drop off your donations at the Center for Wildlife or the MFOA office in Falmouth. Please help!

February 2017



Dry dog and cat food (kibble)

Frozen wild blueberries (the smaller berries)

Mixed wild birdseed

Black oil sunflower seed

Office Supplies

Masking tape

Scotch tape

White and color copier paper

White and color card stock

Postage stamps


HP Ink Jet cartridges 88XL  

Cleaning Supplies

Heavy duty 30-gallon garbage bags

Scrubber sponges

Brooms and dustpans

Dishwashing liquid (not antibacterial)

High-efficiency (HE) liquid laundry detergent

Simple green cleaner

Other Supplies & Necessities

5 ” & 12” glazed, clay plant saucers

Ceramic or hard plastic water bowls - medium sized 

Plastic cat pans (NOT the disposable ones with litter)

60 and 100 watt incandescent light bulbs 

Newspapers (no shiny inserts)

8oz small animal plastic water bottles

Snuggle Safe microwavable warming disks

Natural brown feather dusters

Hand mirrors

Tissues and paper towels

Fleece blankets and bath sheets without holes

Heating pads (without automatic shut-offs)

Pruners (branch clippers)


Staple guns

Kitchen scissors

Pine shavings

*Donations of gift cards to Hannafords, Home Depot, Staples, The Acorn Specialists, and are always needed and appreciated.



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