Why Donate to MFOA

We all have many worthy causes to which we can make charitable contributions. We would like to make our case for why your donation to Maine Friends of Animals (MFOA) is an excellent “investment” and use of your money. Our two-decade history demonstrates how and why we have become the state’s leading animal protection organization. What it does not show is what we have accomplished on a surprisingly modest budget. If you review our budget and activity on our History / Timeline page, a very strong case can be made for a “good bang for your buck.” Yes, it is a business analogy, but like a business, MFOA functions at its best when there is strong, supportive funding.          

We are in the serious “business” of reducing and ending animal abuse and suffering in Maine. When you consider where to place your charitable dollars, please consider a donation to MFOA as an investment in an organization that has already shown a capacity of accomplishing much with limited resources.

From revamping the State Animal Welfare Program, addressing the cruelty of coyote snaring and treatment of circus elephants, from establishing our “Dogs Chained for Life” and Pet Club programs to submitting a State referendum to ban bear baiting, hounding and trapping, from focuses on canned hunting, puppy mills, horse racing/slaughter to the eight pieces of legislation that have improved the lives of Maine’s dogs and cats, MFOA has led the way in Maine. Never easy, but tirelessly speaking up for animals.

We are driven by a very active volunteer board of directors where 100% of your donation goes to helping Maine’s animals. We are ready to move to the next level: when you make your next charitable donation, we hope you will consider Maine Friends of Animals as an excellent investment in your dollars. We are experienced, organized, battle-tested and prepared for the next level of activism. If you like what we have done in the last 25 years, then imagine what we could do with increased funding. 




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