Robert Fisk, Jr. founds Maine Friends of Animals

YouTube video: Robert Fisk Jr. legislative experience becomes the genesis in forming MFOA


Robert Fisk, Jr. of Falmouth, ME was elected to the legislature in 1997; and as a freshman he sponsored a successful endangered species bill for the Maine Audubon Society. His key issues as a legislator were the envirnoment, small business and campaign / government reform. But given his background in animal protection, through osmosis or default, he became the legsilative go-to-guy for most legislation affecting animals. Realizing animal welfare had no cohesive vechicle in passing legislation in Augusta, Fisk filled the void by establishing the non-profit Maine Friends of Animals to give Maine animals a voice. 

Video: WCSH TV 6, Ann Murray, April, 1998  (YouTube video at bottom of page)



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